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SynerG is capable of taking care of call center support including IT services with extra attention on quality procedures at all levels of operations. We help them do just that through our continual investment in the appropriate technology and business processes. Today, our transformation continues, adapting capabilities to meet our clients’ needs, broadening our range of services offered, and applying our core values in dealing with our clients, our employees, and our shareholders.

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Our History

Syner G Outsourcing Inc., is a business outsourcing company that started modestly in October 29, 2008, with only 5 call center seats in the City of Baguio, Philippines. In a matter of two months, an unexpected growth of additional ten (10) seats took place. Furthermore, after another two (2) months, an inevitable expansion of the company made Syner G acquire a bigger space to accommodate a thirty (30) seat area to provide for additional demand for a Canadian Merchant Account to do outbound services for them. The very desire of the founders was to explore the growing demand of the outsourcing industry with a heart to pursue a call to fund an aspiration – “touching the world” – bringing the message of our Creator’s love in the lives of many. Thus, being a positive influence to the majority, impacting their lives, making a difference in the Philippines and globally.

Believing and pressing on towards the goal, at this point in time, the realization of this endeavor is comprehended in the ability to open doors of opportunity to provide employment and be an avenue to serve Young Urban Professionals to achieve their career goals and embodying the company’s Core Values – INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCE, TEAMWORK and PASSION; achieving a lifestyle of principled values. Currently on-going hire, train, and retain program to get the best agents in the industry is closely being supervised and evaluated to aim for excellence in every business solution we develop in our pipeline. Looking ahead, we aim to integrate highly trained people with proven business methodologies collaborating with clients to help them excel in their industry and help them maximize their customer lifetime value.

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Our Core


* Being honest
* Treating our clients, employees and vendors with dignity and respect


* We work in synergy with our customers to achieve the highest level of quality and customer experience (CX).
* It has been the company’s culture to work together as a team from top management to the different levels of organization whether in problem solving, or coming up with innovative solution, and in delivering the promised services to the customers.


* Ensuring our process results with a performance output that meets or exceeds our customers expectation.
* We will continue to innovate to continuously improve our services.


* We love what we do, and that is what drives us to excel.
* We are excited to serve our customers and enjoy our work.

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